Monday, March 30, 2015

Missionary Newsletter #67 (Mar 30)

First of All, Happy Easter for all of y'all! It's just around the corner now! Can you believe it?! Insane how time flies! But it's also such a good time of year too, with the flowers starting to bloom and the weather starting to warm up! It's becoming so beautiful outside!  It's also great as a missionary to share the Easter Message! This Easter, the church came out with a new video called, "Because He Lives." If you haven't watched it yet, I would recommend it! The link for it is:

This week has been full of miracles! Outside of continuing to teach or investigators I mentioned last time, Sister Warren and I have been able to do several cool things together this week!

Julia's baptism!!
First of all, both of us got to go back to our previous area and see a baptism! Sister Warren was able to see Stephanie in the Tuscaloosa YSA ward be baptized. Stephanie had such a sweet testimony and will be a strong member in the church! As for me, I got to see Julia be baptized! She is 10 years old, but the coolest part about it was her and her father, Leland, were learning together. He was Less Active and he came back into activation! Through the months we taught them, his countenance grew brighter and brighter and it was a miracle to be able to see him be able to perform that ordinance for her!

Got to stop and see Lynn and Joe after Julia's Baptism!
On the way home, we started driving past Lynn and Joe's street! What?! I was in complete shock! I couldn't resist and look a quick turn into the street and we pulled up to their house. Joe answered the door and in a shocked silence, he looks to Lynn, who is on the couch. She peaks forward and sees me. She jumped up and we all embraced, crying! I miss that family SO much! I would give anything to be there with them. It was such a miracle for both of us that God directed our paths to be able to pass by there house so I could see them one time. I was so grateful they were there and we could we connect! I love that family!

Temple Trip! Sister Warren and I with President Hanks!
Also, we had the privilege to go to the Temple! In the Temple, I got to talk to President Hanks about some questions I had. We are so lucky to have such a knowledgeable man to lead us here in Alabama! However, as we talked, we LOVED to poke his finger and start making fun that I am going home soon. Funny. NOT! haha. He had the nerve to try to start setting me up! (He's determined to have his missionaries marry each other so there's less of us to keep up with. haha.) Just a little too soon President. haha.
Look at the group! We have so many less sisters now! We use to have 50/50, but now we are out numbered! That's ok. Elders are great! But if you are female and thinking about serving, stop thinking and do it! The mission needs you! 
Sylacauga Reunion! (What is left of us...)

Well, miracles are happening here in Columbus! It is such a blessing to be here to serve! I look forward to everyday! I pray that I can continue to work harder and harder to the end! I love the opportunities I have had here to be taught by the amazing people I have met throughout the mission and the many experiences God has allowed me to have. May that learning never end!

Hope everyone enjoys LDS General Conference this weekend! And Happy Easter!
Lots of Love,
Sister Salmond

A wonderful Southern BBQ Truck we found! SO GOOD! and cheap!  a Rack of Ribs for $5! Incredible! (Sadly we didn't have that in cash, so we got a cheaper item.) We sampled the ribs and they are TO DIE FOR! Love Southern BBQ! Nothing like it!

The weather here is bipolar! We thought it was a beautiful day (sunny with a mild breeze) to bike. So, we did. We ended up biking home in the rain, and fierce wind with no coats! Bad mistake!
We tracted some BEAUTIFUL colonial homes yesterday! What a gem!

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