Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some of My Favorite People In the Entire World!

      I love you all!  Don't take the number to heart, it's just the order I thought of as I wrote.  I can't put a number on loved ones. :)

     1. My Parents This is not just because family comes first, but I really do love my parents.  I know that they will do anything for me.  I admire how hard they both work to raise my siblings and I to be independent, confident, successful, and righteous individuals.  I know this task is not easy by any means.They truly are examples and my good friends. Love you Mom & Dad!
     2. Michelle Fredrickson You are always so caring and doing things for others.  I love your humor, your style, the presents you give me :), and most of all, our friendship.  I just love you Gyps more than I can express.  You are loyal to the end and so supportive.  Gyps, I don't know if you know this, but I have learned so much from you and strive to be as loving, sweet, and caring as you are. I only hope I am as good of a bff to you as you are for me. xoxoxoxo ~Crazy
     3. Taylor Stacey First of all, I miss not having you around all the time!  You were the best roommate ever!  I love you soooo much and I hope we will always keep in touch.  You are super hilarious and have such an energy and funny enthusiasm.  I just love it.  You have changed me more than you know... I now slap butts! Taylor, you are a sweetheart and the bestest ever!
     4. My Forever Roommates: Lizz, Steph, and Britt Girls, we have been roommates since the beginning of time and I have loved every minute of it. You all are so different, but so great.  I love you all.  Lizz: You are so spiritually in touch.  I love your gospel knowledge and your willingness and love to share it with others.  It will be hard to see you go, but I know you will make the best sister missionary.  You will help bring so many to the Gospel.  You have helped so many just around you already.  I know that this was a calling the Lord had set out for you, to bless and lift others up. We are all grateful for you in our lives. Steph: We have such history, all the way back to the womb.  It was destiny. :)  I love our Nacho Quotes and our relationship talks, beginning with our awkward couple journal.  You and I share a special humor, which I LOVE!  Britt: I love you Bubbly Burping Butt Brittny!  You have changed so much over the last two years... in a good way. You have grown a lot and discovery a lot of yourself.  I will always treasure the daily challenge I had to keep you awake in class, at church, and in firesides.  I secretly loved those moments because I was constantly trying to try new ways to wake you up.  hehehe.
     5. Michael Knapp You are now on a mission kiddo.  YOU ARE LIKE MY FAVORITE!  I don't know what it is, but everytime I see you, it is suddenly the best day EVER!  I get so excited to see you and honestly I don't know why cuz for the longest time you would say close to nothing.  Even when we are old and married, I will always remember how much I always wanted to squeeze the heck out of you and pinch your rosy cheeks. :]  You were the best debate partner I could've asked for.
     6. My Family of Co-Workers: Kenny, Zoe, Merrie, Jess, etc. We have so much history and you really are like family to me.  I love you all and I hope you all know I will always be here for you whenever you need.  I hold you ALL in such a high regard, just in different ways.  Kenny: You are so funny!  I cannot express how much I enjoy having you around.  Everyday you don't come to work I either say to myself or out loud, "Dang it!  Kenny isn't here today.  I love Kenny." I always have to have my daily hug from you otherwise I feel like the day is not complete.  You better never leave so we can be friends forever!  Zoe: You are married, which is crazy for one, but I love all the stories and things you have taught me with your experiences. hehehe. You are so free spirited and I love the dynamic you and Jake have.  It is so fun.  I love our sleepover back in the day with TP :) and so much more!  You are so great.  If only we were friends in HS. Merrie: My dearest Cinderella, you are so sweet and graceful. You even eat with grace. :) You don't walk, you float.  You sing like an angel.  I know the man who gets you will be so happy.  You will be the perfect wife and mother. I am so glad we can talk the way we do and care about the other so much.  Jess: You were so supportive when I needed it.  You truly are a great friend to me.  I know you'll do fine waiting for Dane if that is what you feel is right.  You are a very strong girl and a very hard worker.  I always enjoy talking to you.  You will always state your opinion, but in a very sweet and caring way.  That is a great gift you have and I love you so much for it.
     7. Andy Anderson & Marjorie Merkley  These are two residents that have now passed away, but I really came to know at the Charleston.  Andy: He was the sweetest, most celestial man I ever met.  He called us angels, but really he was the angel for us all.  He had a heart of gratitude, love, charity, humility, and GOLD. :) Every day was a good day for Andy and he never spoke an unkind word.  I miss him so much.  I can't wait to see him and embrace in the next life. I truly loved that man. Marjorie: She was a goof and going a little crazy towards the end of her life, yet I loved her.  The last time I saw her before she passed, she told me she loved me.  That meant a lot to me.  She was so sweet and I would've spent all day with her if I could.  Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, Whoo!
     8. The Bromance: Glade, Jaxson, Timmy, Jackman, Brendan, etc. I love all you boys so so much!  You guys are great in every way.  I wish I could squeeze you all and just tell you how awesome you are everyday! :} Gladiesman: You work so hard, too hard sometimes.  However, because of this, you have grown so much.  You were always a great person, however now you are even more sincere, caring, and easy to talk to.  I am proud of you. You definitely know who you are and what you stand for.  Don't ever change that part of you. Jaxson:Sir Knight, Agent X,etc. You are a champ.  You work so very hard.  When something doesn't come naturally or super easy, you will keep working on it until it does.  That is something so admirable about you.  You strive to make your weak things become strong.  You also are very caring and always nice about others.  People can tell that about you when they first meet you.  You really admire and look up to your parents.  I know everyone does this to a certain degree, but the respect you hold is so great.  You can just tell by the way you talk about them.  They are so lucky to have you as a son and I am sure you would probably say the same about them as your parents.  Timmy: You are a funny boy.  Sometimes, I think we are too close, but it's great.  Thank you. I know I can always say exactly what I am thinking with you and when I need a hug or something, I know you will be there.  No more late movies though. haha. Heather is getting far too tired for that and going crazy at night. :)  Timmy, you are great. I really appreciate our friendship so much.  You are going to make a girl so happy someday.  Jackman:  I love you kid so so much!  I love the way you and I can talk. You are so funny.  I love it because you understand me quite well. Not many guys can understand the female brain like you can and I am so grateful for it because you can see both the man side and the girly side.  It helps a ton.  Plus, you make a great coach... and yes, you should be proud of your skills.  Brendan: You are a macho man! You are the one who has the power to take away the man card. hahaha.  I love that!  We do need to bond more. I have talked with you the least, but that's ok I like you anyways. Even though you are a tough guy, you definitely have a soft side to you that we can all see and feel.  Don't be afraid to show that side more. :) You are so freakin' awesome. Don't ever forget that!  Oh! And you are getting so buff!  Keep working at it.  You are doing great!
     9. My Short-Period-of-Time Roommates: Elisa, Sammi, Alyssa, and Brady  I wish we could all be roommates longer, but I know that even though we can't we won't loose contact! :) Elisa: It was a random roommate scheme by Glenwood.  The unknown is kind of scary, so before I met you I was slightly nervous, but now I don't know why.  You are the best!  I love you sooo much! I can't wait to meet all your freshman friends because if they are as awesome as you I know we will have the best Relief Society ever!You have such a sweetness and light within you that just radiates.  You are doing what is right and I know things are kind of hard at times and you don't know where you are going quite yet in life, but I promise you, the answers will come to you at the right time.  Faith, not fear my dear. ;)  Sammi: You have a lot of passion within you. You have an amazing ability to stand up for truth, for your friends, family, and what you believe. Remember to never loose that and to constantly use it for good. I feel like there is still much you have to learn about yourself and I know once you discover this, you will be even more strong, confident, and beautiful. Love ya girl. Alyssa & Brady: You two are so cute and perfect for each other.  You two have grown together.  I think it is a great match.  I know you two will have a wonderful life together.  Alyssa, I loved having you as a full time roommate and getting to know you even more and Brady, it was good have you as a partial roommate as well. :)  I love you two and I love Krispy Kreams!  I know we'll keep in touch.
     10.  The Dimter Family You all mean so much to me.  I love you all.  You are my family and I definitely think of you as such.  Jon: I love you.  You were such a jokester, yet caring and wise.  Grace: I look up to you.  I can talk to you for hours, literally. You are a second mom to me. Steven, Sarah, Brian, Becca, and James: I always LOVE our game nights.  We have so much fun and stay up so late. You are all great.  I loved how we would never come downstairs when the parents called cuz we all knew it would be another 30 minutes at least. Good times! Sarah, I always felt like you were an older version of myself. Becca, you are a goof ball.  One of my favorite things is our sleepovers and the sugar we would take in. hehehe.  James, too much history.  We have been through it all.  I know we will always be close. Work hard out there on the mission.
     To Everyone Who Shall Not Be Named I love you all and adore you.  There are so many people who have imprinted on me and I wish I can name every single one of you, but since I cannot just know that I do still care and appreciate all you have done for me. Sincerely, Heather