Saturday, August 20, 2011

Provo, Here I Come!!!!

      I cannot express my excitement to go back to school.  I love it so much!  I am pretty sure everyone thinks I am so weird because of that.  I have to say, if you had as cool of a roommate as me, Taylor Stacey, awesome apartment mates, a great school, fun classes and high hopes, you couldn't help but be excited like me.  This will be so fun.  Also, I will probably blog more, considering that I did most of it in class. hehehe.
      Right now, I am sitting in my room preparing my stuff to move into Glenwood on Monday.  Time moves so fast.
      During the school year, I will continue to work at the Charleston with my second family as I go to school full time.  I couldn't ever leave that place.  It is home.  I love all the residents there so much!  For example, Evelyn.  She is a hilarious (on accident) and the Charleston's diva.  One day, a few residents were in the suburban and Michelle had the Party Rock Anthem on quietly as background music, assuming the residents couldn't hear it.  In the middle of the song after it goes, "everyday I'm shufflin'," Evelyn asked in her quiet high voice, "Who just said, 'every day I'm shufflin'?"  Karina giggled as she told her it was Michelle, but Evelyn replied, "No, it was a man voice."  Michelle answered jokingly, "It was Jim" (one of the few male residents.)  Jim just laughed.   So funny.  I totally love my job.  People tell me all the time that they are impressed that I can work there because assisted living homes are a hard place to work.  Yes, there are lots of deaths, but I just enjoy them while I can.  When we loose a resident, I am a glad to see them go, because they are in so much pain before they go.  It is a wonderful thing to work with these residents, not a hard, sad thing.  I love them so much and I will see them all again one day in Heaven.  There, they will be dear family members to me.