Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mission Newsletter #46

Last minute packing. haha. Happens every time. 
I got transferred this last week from Russellville to Huntsville. Russellville was a quick area, but I loved being there SO much! However, in my new area, I am now with SISTER SHERRI MILLARD!!!! So fun! For those of you who don't know, Sister Millard and I were in the same ward at BYU and lived across the hall! Party! We always joked and hoped we'd be companions and now we are! Who would've thunk!?! Let's just say, we both freaked out when we saw our faces pop up next to each other on the screen! Wahoo! You can expect great things with the two of us together! We are going to kill it out here for the next six weeks!!! WAAAAAHOOOOO!!!
Making wreaths with Becky and Sister Heirtzler

Relief Society Activity of the tour of Downtown. (I realized I walk weird! My butt out! I look like I am going to fall forward. haha. Whatever. No biggy. haha.)

Lynn & Joe :)
However, before I left Russellville, God blessed me to see one last miracle. It's His way of showing His love to me and telling me "Don't worry, I'll take care of them." This time, it was with Lynn and Joe. Sister Woodard and I went for my last lesson with them before I was to leave. As we gathered together to begin the lesson, Joe said he was going to pray. (Now, this is a big deal. Lynn and Joe pray on their own; however, they are very timid and don't pray in front of us. So, him volunteering was very BIG.) He began his prayer. The spirit was incredibly strong as he expressed his gratitude to our Father in Heaven for allowing us to come and change their family's lives. I couldn't help the tears that
ran down my face. God loves them so much and I am so grateful I got to meet them. I feel like they were more of a blessing to me than I was to them, although I'm sure they would disagree. God knew we needed each other. I love them so much and I am so grateful I got to hear such a wonderful, powerful, humble prayer from such a dear man. The Lord will bless their family. I will be overjoyed the day they enter into the waters of baptism and covenant with God. I wouldn't miss that experience for the world. I love them so much and miss them dearly.

Being Velma :)
So far, things are going well here. Sister Millard and I had fun at the Ward's Trunk or Treat! We went with a few girls who have been less active for a long time and some other youth from the ward. The whole night was a miracle! (We were Indians, although a primary kid said we should've been Nephites. "[We] should know that as missionaries." Harsh. haha.) On the day of Halloween, I was Velma from ScoobyDoo! Can you tell?!  I hope so! Best Mission Halloween outfit ever! Yay! We had a good time visiting investigators that night and contacting. I hope all of y'all had a Happy Halloween too!

One of our neighbors is an eternalgator. President Hanks has quoted him before in a transfer meeting, "If you is what you were then you ain't." Which can be translated as, if you say you are spiritual, but you aren't growing or changing, then you are not. We, as Christians, need to always be progressing and coming closer and closer to God in order to do what He would have us do. If we aren't going up, then we are going down. Let us stay going UP!

Ok. So we were carving pumpkins and the CTR didn't turn out so good. :'( But don't worry! I used mom's trick and we put the pieces together with toothpicks!

Well, things are going well here. I love y'all and are thinking of you! Take care and keep us in your prayers! Don't worry about me though! I am in good hands and will be having the time of my life here in Huntsville with Sister Millard!

Love y'all!
Sister Salmond