Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Missionary Newsletter #64 (Mar 9)

So, Sister Warren and I have been double transferred into Columbus, Mississippi! The second I stepped foot into Mississippi, I have had the song, "Mississippi Girl" by Faith Hill stuck in my head! haha. Love it!! So, far things are going well for being transferred! Our first few days, we got to witness the baptism of Amanda!

Besides that, we have been doing a lot of tracting and meeting the previous sisters' people they were teaching. Lots of meeting and learning the basics of Columbus! Definitely a bit of a challenge! But the thing that is really cool, is that Sister Warren and I go home together, so we are united in our goals and want to run to the finish of our missions!! That is a huge blessing! Personally, I have a desire to witness 3 more people be taught and decide to enter into the waters of baptism. That is such a wonderful experience to be able to be apart of. Sister Warren is thrilled with that goal and so together, with the help of God, we will work hard to try to find the 3 that are ready to make that commitment and covenant to God!

Great things will be happening here in Columbus! I am sure of it! There is no other reason why God would have our mission president double transfer us in and out! It makes no other sense besides it was God's will. :) Please keep us in your prayers that we can obtain these hopes for such a wonderful area!

With much love,
Sister Salmond
A "SIGN" of Hope. haha. Get it? ;)
Brianna and her little girl, Bailey. The miracle tracting story I will never forget! #lastdoor #last15minutes
Sis. Tracy (the member who helped us with the quilt) and the quilt for President and Sister Hanks. There are still a few more finishing touches, but it's practically done! :)
A canvas Sister Zackrison and I painted as a thank you to the Jones family for all they do for us and the ward regarding the missionary work. They are an incredible family!
Saying goodbye to Christina's family! Little Michael gave me a sweet little kiss on the cheek! So adorable! Love that family!!!
Saying Goodbye to Marcia & her family (Josh & little Trey)! I will miss them so much! Love her! (Also, excuse her pale face. She was super sick with the flu but was so sweet and let me come by and say goodbye anyways.)

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