Monday, March 2, 2015

Missionary Newsletter #63 (Mar 2)

The Snow blizzard that came and stayed for 3 days!
Making Snow Ice Cream
 So, I don't know about Utah, but it has been snowing like CRAZY down here in Alabama! We are now on round 3 and we are expected to have more snow in a couple days too! It's been insane! On the third time it snowed, we had 6 inches and it stayed around for 3 days! That is NOT usual here in the South! It was definitely fun to walk around in the snow. :) It felt like we were back home a little bit. Plus, it was good when people had sympathy for us and let us in. hehe. :)

Joseito ate his diaper rash cream... So funny! He was SO caught!

We had a huge miracle happen this week!!! We were over at Christina's teaching her a lesson on Tuesday. We personally have felt like she is ready for baptism, but she wanted to go to church 10x first to make sure she liked it. She has already gone 5x and wasn't about to budge. It wasn't looking like I was going to be able to see Christina be baptized. However, when we went there Tuesday, Sister Zackrison asked her if when she was in the shower next (where she receives her revelation, since it's her quite time from the kids), if she would consider being baptized this coming weekend. If that was something she was ready for and God wanted her to do. Later, that night, she informed us that she got in the shower after we left and received the answer YES! Christina was baptized on Saturday and it was an exciting experience to have before I left Madison!

By my last comment, you could probably tell that I am leaving Madison. We got transfer calls on Saturday night and I am leaving to start a new adventure. I'll be starting a special assignment opening and then closing an area for that one transfer. I'll be remaining a Sister Training Leader and will be with another sister who will be leaving to go home with me. It's a very strange and unique assignment, but I know that obviously, there is something God needs us to do there, especially since it's only a temporary location. So wish me and my new companion luck as we go into this next transfer! We are going to need it!

Lots of Love,
Sister Salmond
Trying Southern Fried Frog Legs! People LOVE them down here. They were ok, but not my fave... If you haven't tried them, it's a must have, just for the experience. ;)
Visiting the Space & Rocket Center!

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