Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween!

       I have always loved Halloween!  I go all out baby!  Our family has a tradition of going all out for Halloween.  We deck out our house and make it really scary.  However, every couple years or so, we mild it down a little bit for the younger crowds.  That is what we did this year with Hazel and Gretel.  We turned our lawn into a forest where Hazel and Gretel's parents (a.k.a. Layne and Breanne) were looking for them. Hazel (Jeff) and Gretel (Victoria) were in a cage on our front porch and when they knocked, I came out as the witch (btw, our house was decorated as a gingerbread house.)  We saw a good crowd this year and it was really fun.  After the ticker treaters started to slow down, I raced back home to Provo, where my apt was hosting a Halloween party.  As an apt, we dressed up as crayons with Rubin as well.  It was quite a hit with games and treats, followed by Disturbia.  It was such a party... and people wonder why Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Plato's and Prosthetics!

       So, Saturday was Taylor's 20th Birthday!  What a day?!  She turned the big 2-0!  I already threw her a surprise birthday party on Thursday night when she arrived home, so Saturday was just for us. :)  I had to work that morning so while I was at work, Taylor and Brittny went to our Saturday Stake Conference session and then the football game against Idaho State.  (We crushed them!)  After that, it was time for the party to start... We started our day out shopping.  We all needed some winter clothes.  Being BYU college students, we knew exactly where to start, PLATO'S CLOSET!!! Love that store!  It's majorly cheap, yet you can still find really cute stuff.  Sadly, we all let with stuff we didn't need.  Oh well.  That is what shopping is all about, right?  For dinner, we went to Zupas (Taylor chose it, but I was happy because its my favorite too.)  She got her usual of an Ultimate Grilled Cheese with a roll and I got my usual Chop Salad (transformed into a fruity salad.) It was mmm, mmm good.  Taylor went home after that for her family party.  That left Brittny and I!  We played Just Dance 2 on the Wii, which we temporarily borrowed from my family for the surprise party.  We made the rest of the cupcake batter we had leftover and popped in the

movie, Jumper.  However, right before it started, I
decide to spice up Brittny's life and pull out the silly
string! Dun, dun, dun. (mischievous face) I raced
out of the hallway to attack. High pitched squeals echoed
throughout the room!  I was satisfied... We had a
sleepover on our living room couch! (I kind of started
the sleeping part a little too early though, like the first 5
minutes into the movie. :]  Oops!  What can I say?)
Overall, it was a blast!  I love my roommates!
       In addition to being well rounded in my social life, I have recently joined a club called "2ft Prosthetics."  My brother, Layne, has been in the club for a couple of years now.  It's a club where we make and distribute prosthetics to countries for cheap and start a clinic there.  I am super excited to be involved with it.  Here is a picture of us at the Homecoming Parade and Layne is having time of his life in this Sweet Ride.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Just the Beginning!

       This has been crazy!!! Time is flying, yet it seems so slow at the same time.  We have known the new people in our ward for two weeks.  We all such good friends. I feel like we it's been months.  Strange, right?  Also, our apartment is doing something almost everyday.  We have hang outs constantly.  It makes it hard to do homework, not gonna lie, but its funner than heck. One of the guys we have become good friends with, Logan, is absolutely hilarious.  I don't know how he did it but he has gotten into girl talk.  Impressive, I know.  It's been a blast though.        

       Now, onto the best roommate ever, Taylor Stacey.  She and I have so fun "every day."  At night we talk and laugh before we finally settle down and we slap each others' butts as much as possible.  Just the other day, Taylor and I danced with white out.  (If any of you thought it wasn't possible, let me tell you... It is!)  We are two peas in a pod and I can always count on her to be there for me.  She is my best friend and family.  Taylor, I am so glad we are friends and that you are my roommate!  I love you girl!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Provo, Here I Come!!!!

      I cannot express my excitement to go back to school.  I love it so much!  I am pretty sure everyone thinks I am so weird because of that.  I have to say, if you had as cool of a roommate as me, Taylor Stacey, awesome apartment mates, a great school, fun classes and high hopes, you couldn't help but be excited like me.  This will be so fun.  Also, I will probably blog more, considering that I did most of it in class. hehehe.
      Right now, I am sitting in my room preparing my stuff to move into Glenwood on Monday.  Time moves so fast.
      During the school year, I will continue to work at the Charleston with my second family as I go to school full time.  I couldn't ever leave that place.  It is home.  I love all the residents there so much!  For example, Evelyn.  She is a hilarious (on accident) and the Charleston's diva.  One day, a few residents were in the suburban and Michelle had the Party Rock Anthem on quietly as background music, assuming the residents couldn't hear it.  In the middle of the song after it goes, "everyday I'm shufflin'," Evelyn asked in her quiet high voice, "Who just said, 'every day I'm shufflin'?"  Karina giggled as she told her it was Michelle, but Evelyn replied, "No, it was a man voice."  Michelle answered jokingly, "It was Jim" (one of the few male residents.)  Jim just laughed.   So funny.  I totally love my job.  People tell me all the time that they are impressed that I can work there because assisted living homes are a hard place to work.  Yes, there are lots of deaths, but I just enjoy them while I can.  When we loose a resident, I am a glad to see them go, because they are in so much pain before they go.  It is a wonderful thing to work with these residents, not a hard, sad thing.  I love them so much and I will see them all again one day in Heaven.  There, they will be dear family members to me.

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's been Ages...

        I feel like I am behind in everything and finally catching up.  I have been working two jobs at the Charleston and Zupas and after this week, I will be Zupas free!  Zupas has been a great memory, but I have a lot to do in the future; it is time for a new chapter.  Having more time for myself  and no more Zupas, is leaving me with all this time to do the catching up that I have been needing so bad.  So here I am, finally writing letters back to all my missionary buddies.  I feel so bad that they have had to wait so long.  In addition, I finally started the book, Hunger Games, again, which I started so long ago.  Lastly, I am working on my t-shirt quilt again. :)  I am hoping to get it done before school starts, but that is most likely a no, especially with my online class.  This is the reasons I have been so distant with my blog.
       The good news is that school is just around the corner!  We'll be moving into our apartments in about a month, which is soooo exciting!  More good news! Becca and Adam had their baby last night.  His name is Wellington. ;)  I am very happy for the two of them.  Besides that, life is continuing to progress as usual. Hopefully you will hear from me next after the move.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brain Explosion!

        Today I have studied American Heritage from 10am to 4pm.  My brain hurts soooo bad! It kind of feels like a melting sensation.  This picture of a mushroom bomb gives you a small idea of what I was feeling right before I stopped studying.  This is natural for a college student, right? 
        I didn't do so well on my last American Heritage test so I hoping to improve my score this time around.  I have the dedication, hard work, motivation, and spunk!  Now all I need is more time, brains, and millions of facts!  I am doing good! (I have to say, if I hadn't taken AP US History in high school, I would be screwed in this class. I knew there was a reason to the madness.)
        I am now on my way to party with the family at the cannon center and then to Tangled.  It should be a good break :)  -Heather

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mother Daughter Moments

        I want to dedicate this blog to my mom.  I just love her.  She is fun, sweet, caring, funny, my friend, and the best mom I could ask her.
        Today I had a silly but cute thought in my head.  I pictured my mom and I in ten years visiting and having lunch, giggling and talking as always.  I called my mom and told her about it and she just laughed, but I look forward to all the future moments I will have with her.  I really appreciate this woman in my life.
        My favorite things about my mom is our ability to laugh about everything.  She and I make fools of ourselves all the time, whether it is because we are clumsy or I am dyslexic; either way, we can always find a way to laugh about it.  Also, whenever either of us are having a moment from the stress of school or her everyday frustrations at the house, I love having her there to talk to.  She is comforting and supportive when I need it, but I like hearing about her stresses sometimes too.  I think it brings us closer.  Some of my
strongest memories are of my mom and I eating ice cream (with are cats harassing us to get a bite) late as night as we watched tv shows together of CSI, Law and Order, Survivor, and of course, Bachelor.  We would stay up quite late together and my dad was always bothered when he wanted to go to bed and I was in his spot. :)  I miss those good old days.
So, pretty much all I want to say is "Mom, I love you!"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Spiritual Sabbath Day

        Being at BYU, the most amazing situations and experiences can happen.  I am so thankful that I am at the Lord's University where I can have general authorities come and speak to us.  Today was stake conference and we had a pleasure to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson, Steven J. Lund, and Julie B. Beck. The were a lot of incredible things mentioned today, but there were a few things that hit me hard. 
        When Elder Nelson came up, he was talking about our whole purpose on earth is to find a eternal companion.  He then said, the man is not without the woman and neither is the woman without the man.  Now, we have all hear this quote numerous times, but this time, I truly understood it.  As he continued to talk about marriage for a few more minutes, I realized the church's view on Prop 8.  My view before today was that I would support the prophet because he knows more than me, but I didn't totally agree with it.  To me, they are still great people but making different lifestyle choices than us.  Although, they are not making the right choices, we shouldn't treat them any differently when it comes to a unity like marriage.  That is for God to judge at the next life, not for us to retrain them from something we so strongly encourage.  However, as Elder Nelson bore his testimony on marriage, not mentioning anything on the gay marriage issue, I started to see their point of view.  I realized the sacredness of this divine gift we have given and this alone is why we support Prop 8.  It's kinda like the Temple, no unclean thing may enter. I now know it is the same with marriage; no unrighteous thing may touch it or take upon its name. 
        Later in Elder Nelson's talk, he spoke of judgment.  On that day, we will have a bright recollection of our life.  We will remember all our memories; they'll come flooding in. He emphasized having those clean thoughts and memories; they are all we will have.  I want mine to be clean, as he had stated.  I think I should get more strict with the movies I watch and the music I listen to.  Although I get the edited version, watch it on clearplay, or just fast forward, I shouldn't be supporting anything evil.  That's just my thoughts on the matter. 
        At the Relief Society fireside, there were three main ideas Sis. Beck continued to emphasize.  The points were 1) Faith 2) Family 3) Relief (or to seek out for those who are in need.)  At first I thought, the basics: easy and typically.  As she continually came back to it, she mentioned that as long as you are in accordance with the Lord, you should not fear, stress, or feel inadequate.  This became to mean more and more to me.  These are some of the most important things to build the righteous character of a woman.  Although they are basic, they are essential and I should pay more attention to them then I am doing right now.
        This stake conference was a great eye opener to me and I am filled with gratitude for this opportunity I had to hear their beliefs/testimonies and messages they had prepared for us.   I have a testimony of this Gospel and of its truthfulness.  I know we are lead by true, strong disciples of Christ.  I know God allows things to happen for a reason so we can learn and grow line upon line and precept upon precept and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.    

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First day!

       Well, this is my first blog.  Ironically, I am making it because I am sick and am not in the mood for school work.  I promised myself I would study chemistry after this though.  I might just make this an extra long blog so I don't have to get to my homework as quickly.  (Good thinkin' Heather!)
       Due to my illness (a nasty cold) my desk is a sight to see.  I have 4 different drinks on my right: Sprite (because I was feeling nauseous earlier), Orange juice, water and good old Airborne. On my left, I have a tissue box, my pink bowl that previously had Chicken Noodle Soup in it, and a trash can at my feet, filled with all the wonderful tissues that has made my nose so raw. With all of these things around me, I admit, it is quite a task to type.  Nevertheless, here I am.
       Now, a quick update.  I am currently in my second semester at BYU and it is a blast!  I am working towards the dietetics program, which I hope to be able to graduate in with a Masters one day.  I am 19 years old and single.  Isn't being single a joy?!  Well, I guess some wouldn't agree, but I truly love it.  I am enjoying my freshman year as much as I can.  I can happily say, I have been truly blessed.  I know the Lord loves me because of this wonderful life he has given me.  I just hope I can do my best to live it the way He would like me to. 
        Also, my friends and I signed up for Glenwood housing for next fall.  There are apartments on the North side of campus and the are best ones we could find for the cost.  I feel like I am kinda following Layne and Breanne's footsteps by staying there.  It'll be lots of fun though.  I can feel it!  All I have to say is I love life!