Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brain Explosion!

        Today I have studied American Heritage from 10am to 4pm.  My brain hurts soooo bad! It kind of feels like a melting sensation.  This picture of a mushroom bomb gives you a small idea of what I was feeling right before I stopped studying.  This is natural for a college student, right? 
        I didn't do so well on my last American Heritage test so I hoping to improve my score this time around.  I have the dedication, hard work, motivation, and spunk!  Now all I need is more time, brains, and millions of facts!  I am doing good! (I have to say, if I hadn't taken AP US History in high school, I would be screwed in this class. I knew there was a reason to the madness.)
        I am now on my way to party with the family at the cannon center and then to Tangled.  It should be a good break :)  -Heather