Monday, October 24, 2011

Plato's and Prosthetics!

       So, Saturday was Taylor's 20th Birthday!  What a day?!  She turned the big 2-0!  I already threw her a surprise birthday party on Thursday night when she arrived home, so Saturday was just for us. :)  I had to work that morning so while I was at work, Taylor and Brittny went to our Saturday Stake Conference session and then the football game against Idaho State.  (We crushed them!)  After that, it was time for the party to start... We started our day out shopping.  We all needed some winter clothes.  Being BYU college students, we knew exactly where to start, PLATO'S CLOSET!!! Love that store!  It's majorly cheap, yet you can still find really cute stuff.  Sadly, we all let with stuff we didn't need.  Oh well.  That is what shopping is all about, right?  For dinner, we went to Zupas (Taylor chose it, but I was happy because its my favorite too.)  She got her usual of an Ultimate Grilled Cheese with a roll and I got my usual Chop Salad (transformed into a fruity salad.) It was mmm, mmm good.  Taylor went home after that for her family party.  That left Brittny and I!  We played Just Dance 2 on the Wii, which we temporarily borrowed from my family for the surprise party.  We made the rest of the cupcake batter we had leftover and popped in the

movie, Jumper.  However, right before it started, I
decide to spice up Brittny's life and pull out the silly
string! Dun, dun, dun. (mischievous face) I raced
out of the hallway to attack. High pitched squeals echoed
throughout the room!  I was satisfied... We had a
sleepover on our living room couch! (I kind of started
the sleeping part a little too early though, like the first 5
minutes into the movie. :]  Oops!  What can I say?)
Overall, it was a blast!  I love my roommates!
       In addition to being well rounded in my social life, I have recently joined a club called "2ft Prosthetics."  My brother, Layne, has been in the club for a couple of years now.  It's a club where we make and distribute prosthetics to countries for cheap and start a clinic there.  I am super excited to be involved with it.  Here is a picture of us at the Homecoming Parade and Layne is having time of his life in this Sweet Ride.