Monday, March 23, 2015

Missionary Newsletter #66 (Mar 23)

We saw chickens blocking the road. Sis. Warren parked
the car and went chasing!!! So funny!
Then we also found an hobbling bird. We
picked it up and helped him to safety
so he wouldn't get run over.
Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day Everyone! Hope y'all had the best of Luck! ;) (My St. Patty's Day Treat! Lucky Charms! I just realized that they are full of Jesus fish! Look carefully at the cereal shapes. You'll find them too! Love little tender mercies!)

Yesterday we experienced the biggest miracle here in Columbus! However, the story began a week ago, last Sunday. We had hours to tract. (What you do when you are new to an area and have no one to see.) We normally went left or right at the intersection by our apt, but this time we decided to explore and go straight. As we went straight, after a long bit of nothing, we found the hidden GHETTO!!! Yes! It had been too long since I had spent some good time there! We parked our car, prayed to see if this is where we needed to be, and then embarked on to find the elect!

The coolest thing about the black culture, is that they are so loving and friendly! They were just all outside, sitting on their porches, visiting, laughing, dancing, and having a good time together! As we walked down the streets, it wasn't hard to start talking and making friends with all the people! The other thing is that they all have a love for God! They are so quick to want to talk about Him! We met one family outside braiding hair. We started teaching them. Then, we continued on down the road. A trailblazer drove past us slow with the windows down, waving at us with a grandmother, daughter and LOTS of grandkids. I challenged Sister Warren, "Dare you to contact them!" But it came out of my mouth too late cuz they had already passed us. But, when that happened, the pulled in the house just two houses behind us. OoOoOo. So, it wasn't too late! We started heading back their way. They waved to us. We talked to them and they totally welcomed us in. We talked with them and set up a time to come back and teach them. And that we did! We asked them to come to church and they were on board! We knew it would be an orchestrated event because there are 21 grandchildren and 5 adults sharing one bathroom in a tiny house. We came early Sunday morning and helped them get ready! With the help of a member's van, we got 16 of them to church! We walked into church with a row of little ones trailing behind us along with Minnie, the grandmother, and Paula (her daughter) & her boyfriend.  We felt like herders at church leading the way and keeping the children quiet.

Throughout church, it was evident that Minnie and Paula were loving the services. They were so actively involved asking questions and smiling. During introductions, Minnie decided to bare her testimony and thank us for coming into their lives. She was so grateful to see all her kids and grandkids in church together. She had never had that before. :) Minnie and Paula told us after church that they felt really good there, which we identified as the Holy Ghost. They told us that they didn't learn in the black churches like they did at ours, but just shouted praises and such. They were so grateful for all they learned and felt a sense of relief in their life. They are excited to continue meeting with us and come to church! This family really needs the joy and blessings of the gospel and it's amazing to see how the Lord is using us to gather His Sheep into His Fold. I love the miracles we saw this last week and there will be many more to come. This is the joys of missionary work! We are so blessed!

I love you all and hope things are going good! It couldn't be better over here! I love this work!

Sister Salmond

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