Monday, July 18, 2011

It's been Ages...

        I feel like I am behind in everything and finally catching up.  I have been working two jobs at the Charleston and Zupas and after this week, I will be Zupas free!  Zupas has been a great memory, but I have a lot to do in the future; it is time for a new chapter.  Having more time for myself  and no more Zupas, is leaving me with all this time to do the catching up that I have been needing so bad.  So here I am, finally writing letters back to all my missionary buddies.  I feel so bad that they have had to wait so long.  In addition, I finally started the book, Hunger Games, again, which I started so long ago.  Lastly, I am working on my t-shirt quilt again. :)  I am hoping to get it done before school starts, but that is most likely a no, especially with my online class.  This is the reasons I have been so distant with my blog.
       The good news is that school is just around the corner!  We'll be moving into our apartments in about a month, which is soooo exciting!  More good news! Becca and Adam had their baby last night.  His name is Wellington. ;)  I am very happy for the two of them.  Besides that, life is continuing to progress as usual. Hopefully you will hear from me next after the move.