Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mission Newsletter #38

Saying goodbye to the district

Ok. So last week was a little jumbled since it was labor day. We had to use a member's computers and didn't have much time on them, so sorry to all of those I couldn't respond to, and sorry if things were a little jumbled in the letter. I don't really even remember what I said. Just know I love you all and hopefully today will be better. :)


So this week my companion GOT HER WISDOM TEETH OUT!!! Crazy, right?! Now, most of y'all are probably thinking, wasn't she supposed to get those out before the mission? You are right. We are. However, her were too far up the dentist told her they couldn't get them out yet. Then, within the last few weeks, they have really been hurting her cuz they began to push on her crown. Ouch! So, we had to talk to our nurse and go to the dentist several times, which led to this surgery on Wednesday. Y'all can be rest assured I videoed her. :) Did I risk our lives, filming with one hand and driving with the other? Nah. We were in good hand(s)?

After: nasty, bloody gauze! But look how positive my comp is and only a few hours after it all. What a champ!

So, this week, she's been living off soft foods, like shakes, pudding, mashed potatoes, etc. We've been indoors a lot, but not too bad cuz of our amazing ward! We have been able to do splits once a day. I went out and she stayed at a member's home for a few hours. Saturday, she tried to get out at a ward yard sale, but after the two hours, she was taken home with a member and I went out again. She just wasn't feeling good. But Sunday, was her first day going out for the majority of the day! Even though we have been indoors a lot, the Lord was watching over us and blessing us. We were able to see some FROZEN! (with permission/ strict instructions from our Zone Leaders, which was amazing!) miracles from our hard work! We were able to hit or surpass the majority of our goals! It really could not have gone any better. :)
Smoothies and watermelon!
Another frozen treat...
Full of food from the members for my
wisdom-toothless comp :)

One of the miracles I got to witness was Saturday! The week before last, a member’s (who just moved in the ward) daughter, Lynn, who is not a member, came to church! Her mom asked us to teach her, which we are all for! Since then however, she's been telling us she was busy and did not come to church last week, which was a disappointment. Saturday, on the split, I decided we'd just surprise her and show up. It was perfect. Seriously!

We got there and Lynn was home along with her husband. Her mom had told her some things about the Plan of Salvation that were deeper concepts. She was confused and didn't necessarily agree. Together, a member, Sister Todd, and I, taught her the Plan of Salvation, slowly, but a little more in depth because of the information she was previously given. The questions were clarified and they felt so much better about everything. The spirit was there and it closed with enthusiasm in what they had learned. :) Sister Todd was perfect in the lesson and talked to them a little bit afterwards about sewing and food storage, which is some of their interests. Yesterday, Lynn came to church again! (Her husband couldn't this week, but hopes to next.) She asked questions during church and you can tell she is really soaking it all in. It's really cute too cuz she's jumping ahead a little bit and wanting to know the "rules" (or commandments) we have so she can start following them. There is amazing potential of growth for her and her family. It'll be exciting to see where she takes us!
Eh-Ehm! I'd prefer QueenSalmon(d). Thank you very much :)

Contacting at the yard sale!

Lastly, I want to share a scripture I just loved in my studies this week: Jacob 7:25, "Wherefore, the people of Nephi did fortify against them with their arms, and with all their might, trusting in the God and rock of their salvation; wherefore, they became as yet, conquerors of their enemies." Booyah! Slap down! Satan and his army have NO Power to overthrow us, if we fortify ourselves in God. All of y'all who are striving to do righteously are Conquerors! You have come so far already and have conquered so much. Who says you can't conquer even more? When times get hard, remember, YOU ARE A CONQUEROR! And put your Trust in God and you will once again be a Conqueror of your enemies.

I love you all, like always, and am praying for you! Have a fantastic week and don't forget to tell me all about it! :) I love hearing from y'all. Trust in God!

Lots of Love,
Sister Salmond

P.S. I wanted cheese SOOOO bad. Like I miss me a good grilled cheese! So, I bought Soy Cheese. Can I just say, EW! My comp smelled it and thought it was gross (she got out of trying it cuz she can't eat anything.) I had the elders try it and they totally agreed with me. It's just gross. Personally, I'd rather have no cheese. Saying officially goodbye to my cheesy life! :'(

Mission Newsletter #37

I made Etouffe for dinner! :)

We have been seeing the Lord really place people in our paths. Miracles are popping up left and right! It's been incredible seeing some of our work paying off. :) I would like to just share a couple of those experiences we've had this week with you.

Last Sunday was stake conference. It was incredible! The spirit was so strong and spoke to so many people! In one of the talks given, it spoke about how we can never guess who will be the ones to accept the gospel. (Which is so true cuz that was the case with Walter.) It echoed in me, "It's not who it may always seem." (Secretly, that totally makes me think of Swan Princess."It's not what it seems!" Anyways, back on topic.) This thought was planted in my mind as we went out doing the work this week.

A restaurant we have to try!

On Thursday, when we were at Walmart store contacting, I saw a thin, older man, with a Harley Davidson bandanna on. Instantly, that thought came to my head, "It's not who it may always seem!" I turned down the medicine isle. He turned to me and asked if I could read the back of a package for him. He had left his glasses. I did. I started talking to him and come to find out he has been feeling like he needs to get back into church. He hasn't been for quite some time and he feels like the Lord is sending him signs that he needs to get back. He also pointed out that we were another sign. I witnessed to him that it was no coincidence we were put in his path that day and that God wanted us to meet. I continued and asked if we could come share a message with him. I agreed. He was so thrilled and told his elderly mother around the corner, introducing her to us as the sweet ladies who will be coming to speak to them about Christ! It was really cool to see his thrill and enthusiasm about our visit. I know he is a chosen spirit and someone the Lord has prepared and put in our path!

Helping a member to do some canning this week, for our service. 

On Friday, we were out on a Team Up with sweet Sis. Adams. We went to go see a less active with her that we haven't seen in a while. As we got outside of the car to go up to the house, I noticed her neighbors kitty corner to us where gardening. I had the impression to go speak to them and offer to help, however, Sis. Crandall and Sis. Adams were already at the doorstep and knocking. I made a promise to the Lord that if He would keep them outside until we were done that I would go speak to them. Thank goodness the Lord heard my prayer because the Less Active talked to us for only a few minutes since it wasn't a good time for her then. We got off the porch and I marched straight over to the couple gardening. We asked if we could help them and started talking to them. While speaking with her, the wife told us that her mom passed away a little while back. While Sis. Adams testified of forever families I pulled out my scriptures and shared a verse with her. After sharing the verse, Melanie told us that she told her husband that if we walked over there and shared a scripture with them, it was a sign. The Lord had a hand in it all. He truly leads and guides us to do what He needs us, His servants to do. Wow, I am so grateful to be one of His many missionaries on earth that He can use to bless His children.

I hope I can always be a missionary and stand for Truth and Righteous. I love being a witness of God and want to always strive to be that way. I love you all and am grateful for y'alls' support and influence in my life. You too can be an instrument in His hands. The Sons of Mosiah were a great example of missionary work and it was simply done by their examples (Alma 17:11). Be an example of the believers and the Lord will use you for good!

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Lots of Love,

Sister Salmond